Decentralized Token Launcher An easy and secure way to launch your tokens

Tokenization is a fundamental part for a blockchain project.
You don't have to be a blockchain expert to create and sell your tokens.
Automated smart contracts help you start your business right away.

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Token Creation

Easy & Safe Tokenization

Our user-friendly wizard will guide you through a whole tokenization process. All you need to do is to select features of your token and type in a few values.

  • Supports creation of ERC20 Tokens (ERC721 soon supported)
  • Customizable (Total Supply, Burnable, Mintable etc.)
  • Pre-audited secure smart contract empowers your tokens
Token Sale

Automated Token Sales

You can create your own token sales campaign by choosing which strategies to use. Sales page and dashboard is provided for you. All you need to do is utilize it.

  • Step 1 : Select strategies and 'Activate' to open your smart contracts to the public.
  • Step 2 : Promote your sales page. It contains everything for the participants including project details and 'buy' button.
  • Step 3 : On the dashboard, you can check insights about your token and sales.

Decentralized Platform

TokenBoost is a fully decentralized platform based on ethereum blockchain. Token creation and sales are all done automatically by 'smart contract', and there is no third party intervention in this process, and all processes are transparent.

  • Smart contracts : All process including token creation and distrubion are done via smart contracts.
  • Raiser Token : Raiser is an ERC721 token that enables you to distribute your own tokens to the public.
  • Boost Token : Boost is an ERC20 token and holders can participate as a member of TokenBoost ecosystem to receive rewards.
Awesome services

Awesome Services

Token Creation

Easily and safely create tokens based on Ethereum(ERC-20, ERC-223, ERC-721).


Token Sale

Create your own crowdsale campaign and sell it to the public.



Make your token obtainable by anyone and distribute to as many as possible.



Check how much tokens are distributed to how many people and monitor your token's price realtime.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does TokenBoost issue the tokens which implement functions that we want?

You can only issue the tokens and do token sale with TokenBoost, so you have to develope your own tokens' function.

Is it possible to stop specific token transfer?

No, if you set 'Stop token transfer',then the entire token trnasfer would be stopped.

I would like to make the early transfer be impossible now, but is it possible to change it later?

Yes, you can change it on dashboard after you issue tokens.

Is it able to list the tokens issued by TokenBoost on exchange?

Yes, You can.

Dost TokenBoost list my tokens on exchage? Or if I will do it by myself, should I discuss with TokenBoost?

We don't list your tokens on exchange. And you don't have to discuss with us.

What does 'one round' mean in token sale?

It means pre-sale, private sale, public sale etc.

Does TokenBoost help us to write white paper?

No, We don’t write white paper. You should prepare your own white paper for token sale and insert the link on sale page.

After issue tokens, is it possible to distribute tokens before sale?

Yes, you can. You can distribute tokens by inserting each address on dashboard.


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